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Practitioner Q&A: The Wisdom of Love with Lorraine Manners, Intuitive

Lorraine is an Intuitive practitioner at Innate Wellness who channels Spirit to offer insight, guidance and clarity to her clients on their journey as well as to restore their energetic balance. She practices at Innate Wellness High Park on one special Monday per month. Her clients love the insight they receive through her sessions so book ahead!

Lorraine Manners, Intuitive

Q1: Many clients visit you for insight and wisdom. How does your process work and what can I expect? 


Innate Wisdom Q&A: Travel Tales and Inside Tips with Dr. Angelina Riopel

Get to know us better! Each month we interview one member of our wonderful team of practitioners to glean wisdom from their personal experiences. This month we will be talking with Dr. Angelina Riopel, co-founder and naturopathic doctor at Innate Wellness about a topic near and dear to her heart, travel! Dr. Riopel has travelled extensively through Central America, Central & Eastern Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. 

What is your favourite naturopathic travel tip?

Having just returned from a beach vacation, I will have to say sun protection. The concern being, how to enjoy the sun, get our vitamin D but avoid skin damage and the nasty toxins in sunscreen?

In order to minimize the need for sunscreens avoid the direct sun for long periods of time. Wear a hat and try to stay under an umbrella while at the beach. Thankfully there are now many effective, natural and toxin-free sunscreens available.

Drink Your Sunscreen!

A diet high in plant nutrients and anti-oxidants have been found to protect the skin from burning and sun damage. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) one of the main active compounds in green tea has been found to not only protect skin from sun damage, but it has been found to heal sun damaged DNA, having an anti-cancer effect.

Drink vegetable juice (fresh is preferable)
Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
Drink green tea
Take green tea extract EGCG leading up and during your trip


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Stomach Healing Holiday Recipe

With Liane Wansbrough, CNP

Looking for a digestible recipe for your holiday potluck party? This delicious salad is warm and filling like a gratin but without the cheese hangover. Not to mention, the nutrients in this recipe are great stomach healers. The rich zinc content in pumpkin helps to heal the stomach lining. Garlic, natures’s great natural antibiotic, helps to combat bacterial overgrowth. While all-spice contains herbs which warm and strengthen digestion. If chickpeas give you gas, substitute with 1 cup of soaked and peeled almonds.  […]

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NEW at Innate! Holistic Facials with Elodie Beauty

We are very excited to announce a NEW service at Innate Wellness – Holistic Facials – with Seanna Cohen of Elodie Beauty. This is a perfect pairing with our Naturopathic Holistic Skin Consultations and Cosmetic Acupuncture. In fact, it is such a perfect pairing that we are offering a special Holiday Holistic Skin Care Package.

About Our Holistic Facial Expert, Seanna Cohen: 

Seanna Cohen NEW at Innate Wellness

When Seanna pictured her ideal place to work, she envisioned a space where health and wellness was at the foreground. She wanted to be in place that was welcoming and approachable, where a community of like-minded individuals work together to inspire healthy and vibrant humans. That’s what she found at Innate Wellness and she is so happy to be promoting a ‘new face of skincare’ in a holistic space, where beauty begins from within.

 Seanna’s philosophy on skincare is simple: use plant-based ingredients, choose solutions that are easy to maintain, and treat the skin holistically. […]

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Kids & Chiropractic

By Dr. Jonathan Cartile, DC

Through my career I have had people ask me if I treat kids with chiropractic. The answer is YES. They have a nervous system just like adults, They have a skeletal system that is on the path to being just like an adults. Chiropractic treatment in children can be beneficial for a range of conditions including frequent ear infections, colic, constipation, nervous system issues, growing pains, growth issues, scoliosis, birthing trauma and sports injuries. Treating these issues in childhood helps to promote healthy growth that will affect kids into adulthood.

The birth process is one that is very hard and physical on both the mother and baby. Very often, this is when nervous system and skeletal issues start. The upper neck is at high risk of strain from the compression and pulling that are so common in modern births. As the spine develops and children start to weight-bear the stresses on the spine begin to change. How that body adapts to that change can have long lasting effects.

Chiropractic treatment in kids is where I feel I can make the most impact in their lives. They are still growing and developing, so when we get proper alignment and nervous system function we remove potential barriers for growth. With treatment, the results are quick and they last for much longer in kids than adults.

Interestingly, I have found over the years that kids are starting to fall into the same traps as adults now more than ever. Being a kid use to be about playing outside and in sport. Now kids are more happy being on a smart phone or video game. These long periods of sedentary activities are similar to adults working a 40-hour […]

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Introduction to Meditation Workshop Series with Lorraine Manners

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Transition to Fall with Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Matthew Richardson, R.Ac


With summer winding down and the days beginning to get shorter we can all feel fall just around the corner with its cool temperatures and windy days. The seasons in Chinese medicine are not events that are separate from us, but are integrated into our lives along with the internal changes of our mind and body (organ systems, emotional selves and habits we have formed). The change in our external environment reflects our internal changes in health and balance.

“In ancient times those people who understood Tao (the way of self cultivation) patterned themselves upon the Yin and the Yang (the two principles in nature) and they lived in harmony” The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine –  approx. 475-221 BC


The Family Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Looking for a quick, simple, healthy, delicious breakfast solution for the whole family? A breakfast smoothie is a great way to boost breakfast nutrition and get the family off to a great start! Understand the nutritional benefits and enjoy!


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Cooling Cacao Mint Protein Balls

By Brittany Darrah, CNP

In the heat of summer I often want to plunge into the freezer and dig out a treat to help me cool down. For that reason, I created these cooling cacao mint protein balls–they are extremely easy to make and melt in your mouth! Being stored in the freezer, these can be enjoyed in small portions throughout the summer whenever an ice cream or chocolate craving hits; they satisfy and deliver a healthy combination of nutrients, fat, protein, and fibre. Please note that different protein powders will affect this recipe, for that reason I recommend using Vanilla Raw Vegan Protein by Garden of Life for the best results.


1 1/2 cup of oats

1/2 cup of vanilla raw vegan protein powder by Garden of Life 

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 cup sunflower seed butter

1/3 cup pure maple syrup

3 tbsp. coconut milk

1/3 cup raw cacao

1/2 – 1 tsp. mint extract


In a food processor, blend oats until you get a fine powder. Add protein powder, salt, sunflower seed butter, pure maple syrup, coconut milk, cacao, and 1/2-1 tsp mint extract to taste (this amount will slightly vary). Put mixture in fridge for approx. 30 mins to let harden. Take mixture out of fridge, scoop with a teaspoon, roll into balls and place on a baking sheet. Allow balls to set in freezer for approx. 1 hour, remove, and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer. These balls soften quickly and don’t completely freeze. 

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4 Tips to Reduce Exercise-Induced Inflammation

by Dr. Jon Cartile, DC

Summer is upon us and we should all take this time to get outside and get moving. We are designed to be creatures of motion, so while we have the longer daylight hours we should be taking advantage. With exercise we are overloading the body and breaking down tissues – this is part of how we loose fat and build muscle. With tissue breakdown comes inflammation. Controlling and minimizing inflammation in our body is one of the most important things we can do to maximize our benefits from training and to prevent injury. In the long run this adaption to training is what makes our body healthier and fitter and more able to adapt to other stressors in our life. In the long run, it will actually lead to a reduction in overall body inflammation. The important thing is to help your body optimally deal with the overload using the following basic tips:

Warm up – Start with dynamic movements of the activity you want to do in a controlled manner. So if you are going to run, start with leg swings, standing jumps and slow jog. If you’re going to golf, start with slow body twists and arm swings. This increases the pliability of your tissues and decreases the amount of micro-damage.
Drink water – This is straight forward, anytime you increase activity you will lose moisture. This will keep better blood flow and move the tissue waste created from exercise.
Omega 3 – Omega 3 is important for our bodies own anti inflammation production. It’s important that we get our omega 3,6 and 9 in the right ratio, unfortunately most of us our diets are high in omega 6, and this will diminish […]

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