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New Year’s Resolutions

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By: Dr. Keara Taylor


The new year brings with it great intentions of sticking to our resolutions of losing weight, getting back into exercise, cutting out sugar, and the list goes on. While the practice of thinking about what we want to change in our life and the desire to feel better and healthier in our bodies is great, research shows that most resolutions are abandoned by the time February or March rolls around.  Why?  Often we take extreme action, which turns out is not very sustainable. If weight loss is your goal, or even if it isn’t and you just desire to feel more energized and focused, the following daily habits will help support you to feel better than ever in 2019.


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Closing Innate Wellness Annex

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Dear clients, customers, and Annex community
With the New Year comes a new chapter for Innate. We have closed our Annex location and will be focusing on clinical operations in High Park. We are sad to say goodbye to our beautiful space in the Annex but feel certain that this change in focus will help serve our clients best!
We want to extend a heart-felt thanks to all of our Annex community, clients, and customers for your support over the last five years and welcome you to visit us in High Park.
See you soon!
Kathleen & Angelina

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New Year, New Worries?

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By: Lindsey Danisch, MSW, RSW

There’s lots of talk these days about anxiety. It seems to be more prevalent in today’s society. There are different types and severities of anxiety. It’s important to be reminded that anxiety is a normal human emotion and often a very helpful feeling. It can keep one safe, excited, motivated, on-time, and working hard. For some, it can develop into an emotion that interferes with daily living or quality of life.

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Hangover Helper

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By: Jennifer Boake, R.H.N

The holidays are around the corner and for many of us this means overindulging in food and alcohol. Tis the season of celebration and socializing! Here are some handy & healthy tips to speed your recovery.


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Behind the Scenes

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With Marijke Boucher, Artist

Have you seen the beautiful bracelets and earrings at our Annex location? These are the work of local Toronto artist, Marijke Bouchier.

Marijke has worked with Innate on a number of creative design projects over the years. Beyond her design work and jewellery she also had a portfolio of fine arts work and is launching a new textile line! She will be showcasing her fine art work this year at the One of a Kind Show. […]

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7-Day Change of Season Cleanse

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By Dr. Angelina Riopel

As we move from autumn to winter and approach the holiday season, it is a great time to pause and cleanse (not detox), in order to clean up our diets and recharge.


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Spice Up Your Health!

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By Dr. Kathleen Reagan, ND

The holidays are around the corner and we are starting to think about how to manage through all the festive excess. Sometimes it is easier to add foods to our daily routine than it is to restrict.

What is easier to add to a meal than a spice? Spices have a long tradition of pulling meals together for taste but they also have a history of medicinal use.

Here are some spices you can add to bring a bit of health to your holiday.


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Now offering

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Being Barefoot: The Wisdom of Earthing

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By Dr. Alexia Georgousis ND, BPE, CPC

It is amazing how something as simple and natural as being barefoot is actually incredibly beneficial for our health. The forefathers and foremothers of naturopathic medicine often prescribed dew walking to improve immunity and circulation – sadly, many have been ridiculed for recommending these grounding practices. Now however, research studies are proving the nature doctors were right all along!  In fact, studies demonstrate having direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth for a sustained period of time (30 minutes) is extremely beneficial for our health.