The Myths of Social Work and Psychotherapy

By Lindsey Danisch, RSW and provider of psychotherapy

Myth: Only crazy people or people with severe issues receive psychotherapy.

Everyday, people seek therapy for a range of reasons. Some pursue psychotherapy for treatment of anxiety or depression. But others want help coping with life stressors or transitions like martial strain or separation, parenting challenges, the loss of a job, stress management or conflict at work. Others may need help managing and balancing work and family responsibilities, coping with an aging parent, or improving relationship skills. By learning problem solving skills and coping strategies, anyone (young and old) can benefit from psychotherapy. I work with both adults, teens and children. […]

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Defining a “Successful Relationship”

By Lindsey Danisch, Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

A “successful relationship”: We need to redefine this concept.

For some, this term “successful” is saved only for those partnerships that end in life-long marriage-‘til death do they part. But who is to say that’s the only qualifier for success?

A 3-month relationship, where partners learn about they sexual desires and preferences, is a success.

A 5-year relationship, where you now more clearly understand of the qualities you need in a long-term partner, is a success.

A 20-year marriage that has ended, where you’ve learned to love and let go, leading to more self-discovery and resilience, is a success.

I have clients who tell me they’ve had “no successful relationships” and after a little more conversation, I can see that they’ve had many successful relationships. While those relationships have now ended, the amount of information they’ve learned about them is amazing.

The ability for my clients to reframe their relationships experiences is empowering.

Let’s take back this phrase and redefine what success looks like in relationships of all kinds. Every relationship, no matter how short or long, teaches us something about ourselves and desires. They help us prepare for future relationships-and that’s what success looks like!


Lindsey Danisch MSW, RSW

Provider of Psychotherapy

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Back-To-School ‘Herbal Chill’ Tea

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND


Going back to school can be a stressful time for kids. Sometimes kids are open about expressing their worries and sometimes their anxieties come out in physical ways like itchy skin, tummy aches, headaches, bad dreams and restlessness. Calming herbs can go a long way to alleviate anxieties. Tea is a great way to provide this ‘herbal chill’. Your little tea enthusiast can drink it hot or for those kids not so fond of tea – it can be added to juice or smoothies. This herbal recipe can be compounded on special request at Innate Wellness or by your local naturopath/herbalist.


1 Part Chamomile

1 Part Catnip

1 Part Lemon Balm […]

Cupping Therapy in Athletic Recovery

By Dr. Kathleen Regan ND


Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been practiced for thousands of years. This involves using glass cups and heat to create suction on the skin or by using modern plastic or glass cups with a pump to create suction on the skin. This technique creates read, circular markings that can last hours to days. Cupping has recently gained media attention due to the number of cupping marks seen on athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Which is great because cupping is AMAZING for athletes. […]

NEW at Innate! Holistic Facials with Elodie Beauty

We are very excited to announce a NEW service at Innate Wellness – Holistic Facials – with Seanna Cohen of Elodie Beauty. This is a perfect pairing with our Naturopathic Holistic Skin Consultations and Cosmetic Acupuncture. In fact, it is such a perfect pairing that we are offering a special Holiday Holistic Skin Care Package.

About Our Holistic Facial Expert, Seanna Cohen: 

Seanna Cohen NEW at Innate Wellness

When Seanna pictured her ideal place to work, she envisioned a space where health and wellness was at the foreground. She wanted to be in place that was welcoming and approachable, where a community of like-minded individuals work together to inspire healthy and vibrant humans. That’s what she found at Innate Wellness and she is so happy to be promoting a ‘new face of skincare’ in a holistic space, where beauty begins from within.

 Seanna’s philosophy on skincare is simple: use plant-based ingredients, choose solutions that are easy to maintain, and treat the skin holistically. […]

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A Traditional Approach to Winter Wellness

by Dr. Angelina Riopel, ND

The change of seasons requires a conscious shift in how eat and care for ourselves in order to support vitality, immunity, metabolism and digestion. As we move from autumn to winter this is even more essential for individuals with colder constitutions and weak digestive systems.

Improve Circulation
Support Digestion
Keep Your Wind Gate Covered
Support Your Kidneys


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Darkness, Rain & Cold. Prevent the Weather from affecting your Health.

by Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Did you know that weather has a huge impact on health? From ‘catching cold’ to winter blues, the fall & winter bring darker hours, damp/cold rain and eventually, dry cold weather that can compromise our health if we aren’t prepared. Understanding seasonal changes is one of the most important steps you can take in cold & flu prevention and in maintaining health all-year long.



We have evolved with the 24 hour light-dark cycle of our planet. Our exposure to sun and darkness influences all of our biorhythms from temperature regulation to sleep cycle to hormonal balance. Long-dark days are notorious for causing us to sleep longer, feel more fatigued, and ‘out-of-sorts’.

Tip#1 There are always beautiful, sunny days in the fall and winter. Get outside during these times and expose yourself to the light. This will help to boost mood and physiological balance.

Tip#2 Supplement with adrenal support. The adrenal gland sits on top of the kidneys and is responsible for the secretion of cortisol, which is one of the hormones affected by long-dark days. Depletion or imbalance in cortisol secretion can leave us feeling, tired, and overwhelmed with poor stress tolerance. Taking adrenal support will help to nourish this gland and regulate production of stress hormones helping us to manage our stress better.

Tip#3 Supplement with melatonin as the season changes. Sometimes the worst part about change is our inability to adjust. The dark days come and we never really make the natural transition. Taking melatonin before bedtime sends a message to the brain that darkness has come and it is time for sleep. This helps us to achieve a deeper state of sleep where our body is able to repair and prepare for the cold days ahead.


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The Immune Boosting Power of Massage

with Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Why might a naturopathic doctor recommend massage therapy? Most people think of massage for musculoskeletal pain or stress as it has long been known that massage can lower perceived stress, blood pressure and cortisol while regulating vagal tone. But did you know that massage has a hug impact on the immune system? From pre-term infants to immune-compromised adults, research shows that a weekly massage helps to enhance immune function via natural killer cells and lymphocytes.


Tips to keep you VITAL and WARM through the winter!

with Dr. Angelina Riopel & Dr. Kathleen Regan

Winter is upon us, and all that comes with it…  Beautiful snowy days, winter sports, and cozy evenings by the fire but also, shorter days, dry cold air and cravings for richer comfort foods.   The change of seasons is always a time to reflect and attempt to get in sync with nature and support and prepare yourself, mind and body, for the changes that are to come. Start now with these simple tips from our naturopathic experts to support you inside & out this winter.


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LADIES – Are your daily habits and lifestyle contributing to healthy breasts?

by Dr. Angelina Riopel, ND

Daily habits and lifestyle are cumulative and have a huge impact on our health. The little things really do count! Here are a few things that you can GIVE UP and BEGIN that will improve breast health.



Or at least save it for special occasions. Go without or switch to a cotton sport-type bra for everyday. Lymphatic movement is essential to breast health and under-wires impair lymphatic drainage from the breasts.


Antiperspirants are full of toxins, including aluminum, which is absorbed into your system. We really don’t want to stop sweating anyway! It is an essential way that our breasts and underarms rid toxins. There are a number of natural, toxin free deodorants on the market now that really do work. You will still sweat but you won’t smell.


The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs what we put on it. Many body lotions are full of toxins, including petroleum, silicone and parabens. Parabens are endocrine disrupters, and mimic estrogen. They have been detected in breast cancer tissue, which suggests an association with parabens and breast cancer.

Try using organic oils, such as almond, grape seed, jojoba or coconut oil. They will make your skin feel great and contain nutrients and essential fatty acids that are beneficial to over all health.




Dry skin brushing a couple times per week, helps to improve lymphatic drainage and move toxins and lymph away from the breasts.

Buy a long handled, natural bristle brush or a loofah mitt. Begin at your feet, moving up towards your body in a circular motion, then from your hands down your arms, breasts and underarms and neck towards the abdomen – this is where the […]

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