Biofield Therapy Services Toronto


Biofield Therapy involves energy treatments that are supported by at-home breathing, relaxation exercises and binaural sound sessions to improve sleep quality and cognitive process; nutrition advice to improve the digestion and to restore efficient gut-brain communication; lifestyle advice and guidance to correct any behaviour and/or to avoid situations that might trigger stress or anxiety or hinder the healing process.


Energy Healing and Intuitive work is used to help in finding the root cause of blockages that contribute to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomforts and illness. From a holistic perspective, being aware of the root causes of illness helps individuals to focus their healing and treatment to clear up blockages and make specific lifestyle changes which contribute to a healthier way of being and a more balanced life.

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Conditions Commonly Seen:

Digestive System

Mental Disorders
Autism, Depression, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia.

Mental Health
Emotional Balance

Physical Conditions
Pain, Inflammations, Thyroid Dysfunction.

Reproductive System
Infertility, Hormonal Imbalance.

Stress-related Conditions
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Insomnia, Auto-immune Diseases, Cancer, Skin Rash.