About Us

Dr. Kathleen Regan & Dr. Angelina Riopel are co-founders of Innate Wellness who share the belief that wellness is a practice. A ‘wellness practice’ includes the foods we choose to eat, the way we spend our time and the beliefs that we hold. Our daily choices impact our future health. Illness doesn’t just happen, it manifests over time. Wellness doesn’t just happen, it also manifests over time.

We are in a time where there is a lot of confusion and conflicting information on health and disease. As a society, we have lost sight of how disease happens and what we need to heal. We believe that the body has its own innate capacity to heal given the right conditions and support.
Our integrative team will work with you to build a wellness practice and navigate your unique path to health. The Innate Wellness Team is a dynamic group of compassionate health professionals that work together to help you achieve a vital and sustainable state of health and well-being.