HIBIKI Music Box Therapy: The benefits of sound frequency therapy

By Etsuko Ikeda, Reiki Master

Sound healing is an effective and natural way to heal the body, mind, and spirit. HIBIKI is a form of sound therapy that harnesses the healing sounds of nature. In the natural world there are ultra-high and low frequency sounds that have a strong influence on the brainstem and hypothalamus, which are the life centers, and promote natural healing in humans, animals, and even plants.

What is the HIBIKI?
HIBIKI is a sound or voice that can be heard by the ear, expressed in units of hertz. The frequencies that can be heard by the human ear are generally said to be approximately 20 to 20,000 hertz – this is called the audible range. The higher the frequency, the higher the sound is perceived by the human ear.

Functions of our Hypothalamus and Brainstem
The Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is in the diencephalon at the deepest part of the brain. It is an extremely important region that regulates body temperature, appetite, sleep, and water and salt levels in the body. It also works with the nearby hippocampus to regulate memory and consciousness.

The Brainstem

The brainstem consists of the midbrain, pons, and diencephalon. It directly controls autonomic functions essential for survival, such as: breathing, heartbeat, and digestive body temperature regulation. It also controls the functions of regulating sleep, wakefulness levels, posture, and movement. For maintaining and recovering health, the brainstem is essential.

Inaudible HIBIKI Restore Blood Flow to The Brain

Using PET (Positron Emission Tomography), a joint team from the former Ministry of Education research institute at Japan and Kyoto University, found that extremely low frequencies that cannot be heard by our ears, and high frequencies above 20,000 hertz, activate the human brain stem and hypothalamus. The results were as follows:
1. Promotes increased brainstem blood flow.
2. Sounds without high frequencies caused a decrease in cerebral blood flow.
3. There was no change in cerebral blood flow when listening to only high frequencies.

Good Environment for Our Mind and Body

Human beings have developed a brain that senses things in the mist of the earth’s abundant sounds. Therefore, it is important that the hypothalamus and brainstem functions properly, so life can be lived sustainably. From that perspective, the best environments for humans would be tropical rainforests, primeval forests, the ocean, waterfalls, and rivers. Let’s close your eyes and imagine it. Imagine the deep forest – its rich frequency range is an excellent environment that has all the conditions to satisfy our five human senses – color, smell, food, texture, and sound. The deep forest can be said to be the perfect environment to bring out the healing power of nature. In urban areas, the noise levels are 1/100th of those in old-growth forests (virgin forests) such as tropical rainforests. This environment, plus the stress we are exposed to daily, can weaken our resistance to disease and cause the onset of symptoms.

So, What Should We Do?
What the brain seeks is the HIBIKI of life in the natural world, but sadly, we cannot live in a jungle. However, there are the sounds in our daily life that we should draw our attention to. Those sounds are of the wind; the rustling of trees; the sounds of rivers and waterfalls; the raging waves of the ocean; the chirping of small birds; and the sounds of the Earth’s magma both in the audible range and beyond the audible range. If you have time, please take the opportunity to go out. Take a deep breath and let it touch into your brain and heart. Electrical sounds such as CDs have supported our culture and brought many benefits to people, but unfortunately, CDs, which are currently the most common sound media, cannot reproduce sounds above 20K hertz and cannot match the sound of a live HIBIKI. Adjustment of our body by listening to a wide range of sounds is an essential prescription for nurturing, supporting, and prolonging life, as well as preventing disease.


Have You Ever Heard of Music Box Therapy?

Music Box therapy is a therapy in which the high and low frequencies of 3.75 to 100,000 hertz are produced by a music box. It is an important therapy as it promotes blood flow in the brainstem and regulates the nervous system and hormones. Music box HIBIKI with 72 combs, or more, affect people’s emotions, making it easier to feel relaxed and at ease; emitting HIBIKI with a wide range of frequencies, from ultra-high frequencies exceeding 100,000 hertz to low frequencies. This wide range of frequencies is like the high-density wave produced by plants and animals in the rainforest. As mentioned earlier, the human ear can normally hear frequencies of 20 to 200,00 hertz. Ultra-high frequencies exceeding 100,000 hertz are the sounds produced by dolphins and bats. Listening to a music box, with rich tones beyond the audible range, stimulates the brain and helps restore health to the whole body. It can support recovery from all sorts of illnesses including cancer, diabetes, skin diseases, dizziness, hearing loss, and anxiety.

At our clinic, we offer this healing for a few minutes after Reiki healing using a Swiss Luge 72 Comb Music Box that contains a well-balanced sound range from high to low frequencies that can be expected to have a therapeutic effect. To learn more about this therapy book a 15 minute free consult with our Reiki Master.