How To Test For Insulin Resistance and High Blood Sugar Levels

By Kathleen Regan, NDInsulin resistance is a condition where cells become less sensitive to the hormone insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. Tests for insulin resistance and high blood sugar can help potentially avoid metabolic health issues. In this blog, we will explore what insulin resistance and high blood sugar are and what tests are used to detect them.What is ‘Blood Sugar’?Blood is the amount of sugar/glucose found in your bloodstream. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is important for overall health, as high levels can lead to serious complications.Is It Normal To Have Sugar In The Blood?A certain level of blood glucose is normal. However, significantly elevated levels can make it difficult for the body to make enough insulin. Our body has developed ways of controlling sugars so that they aren’t too high or too low. A number of things will cause sugar to be released into the blood including food, drink, exercise, stress, dehydration, illness or infection. We use sugar as an energy source. Any signal that the body requires energy can stimulate the release of glucose from our own bodily supply.How Do I Know If My Blood Sugar Is Too High?There are several signs that blood sugar is too high including:• increased thirst and a dry mouth,• needing to pee frequently,• tiredness,• blurred vision,• headaches,• unintentional weight loss,• recurrent infections, such as yeast infections, bladder infections (cystitis) and skin infections.However, these are signs that blood sugar has been elevated for some time. High levels of sugar in the blood are often diagnosed too late. […]