Kids & Chiropractic

By Dr. Jonathan Cartile, DC Through my career I have had people ask me if I treat kids with chiropractic. The answer is YES. They have a nervous system just like adults, They have a skeletal system that is on the path to being just like an adults. Chiropractic treatment in children can be beneficial for a range of conditions including frequent ear infections, colic, constipation, nervous system issues, growing pains, growth issues, scoliosis, birthing trauma and sports injuries. Treating these issues in childhood helps to promote healthy growth that will affect kids into adulthood. The birth process is one that is very hard and physical on both the mother and baby. Very often, this is when nervous system and skeletal issues start. The upper neck is at high risk of strain from the compression and pulling that are so common in modern births. As the spine develops and children start to weight-bear the stresses on the spine begin to change. How that body adapts to that change can have long lasting effects. Chiropractic treatment in kids is where I feel I can make the most impact in their lives. They are still growing and developing, so when we get proper alignment and nervous system function we remove potential barriers for growth. With treatment, the results are quick and they last for much longer in kids than adults. Interestingly, I have found over the years that kids are starting to fall into the same traps as adults now more than ever. Being a kid use to be about playing outside and in sport. Now kids are more happy being on a smart phone or video game. These long periods of sedentary activities are similar to [...]

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The Healing Sun

By Dr. Jon Cartile DC I would say that the majority of articles written today about the sun are designed to put the fear of God into you. Our modern science has proven that the sun’s radiation can be harmful to the human body. In such general terms, this statement is a disservice to you and your health. The sun is vital to our health, period. We have evolved over of millions of years to utilize the sun and flourish with the energy it provides. One of the biggest problems with sun-related diseases has to do with the global world we live in. We used to only travel on foot and be confined to certain areas of the world. Now we hop on a plane and can live in an area of the world that our body isn’t genetically suited for. One prime example is the colonization of Australia by the British. There were boatloads of British people, who for generations lived in an area of low sun exposure, that were suddenly exposed to the intense Australian sun. Statistically, Australians have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the modern world. This is compared to the aboriginals of Australia who have much darker skin and conversely, much lower rates of skin cancer. The intensity of the sun is the same for both skin types, so it is premature to solely blame the sun for this problem.   What does the sun do for you?? […]

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What is Chiropractic Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)?

By: Dr. Jonathan Cartile DC Our body is a machine with 10 trillion moving parts (cells). It is a complex system that needs a complex level of control.  Our nervous system is designed to control our body. We put our bodies through a different stressors: physical, chemical and mental. Physical: Stress is placed on us through constant gravitational force (unless you are an astronaut!). Simple physics… we need to generate a force to counter gravity. We do that with our bones and soft tissues. When we put our body in positions that increase load (ex., slouching, lifting, sleeping to name a few) we increase the stress on our body. The body either copes with that increase if it can… or it breaks down. Chemical: Our body is a chemical wonder! We are full of hormones, acids, enzymes, neurotransmitters, minerals and many other complex molecules to keep our body running. These biochemical systems are designed to control the body through activating or deactivating chemical signals. For example, if we continuously ingest highly processed sugary foods the pancreatic/insulin system needs to cope with it or our body will break down. Mental: Most people can relate to mental stress. Our body is designed to cope with stress in small amounts in a finite period of time.  When stress is constant, this places a burden on our biochemical system to cope with stress hormones. A lot of people today don’t have a break from their stresses… and after a while the body changes it’s biochemistry to reflect the stressful state. Eventually, the body grows tired of this compensation and begins to break down. In my professional journey, I have found a chiropractic technique called Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). This [...]

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Listen to Dr. Jon Cartile, DC on Stress, Headaches and TMJ

Do you suffer from stress, headaches, or TMJ? Chiropractic medicine can help to support and treat these conditions.  Listen to Dr. Jon Cartile, DC as he explains his approach to stress, headaches, and TMJ. To listen, please follow this link: Thank you to Paul Hambleton @ The Health and Wellness Show for the interview!

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