By: Dr. Jonathan Cartile DC

Our body is a machine with 10 trillion moving parts (cells). It is a complex system that needs a complex level of control.  Our nervous system is designed to control our body.

We put our bodies through a different stressors: physical, chemical and mental.

Physical: Stress is placed on us through constant gravitational force (unless you are an astronaut!). Simple physics… we need to generate a force to counter gravity. We do that with our bones and soft tissues. When we put our body in positions that increase load (ex., slouching, lifting, sleeping to name a few) we increase the stress on our body. The body either copes with that increase if it can… or it breaks down.

Chemical: Our body is a chemical wonder! We are full of hormones, acids, enzymes, neurotransmitters, minerals and many other complex molecules to keep our body running. These biochemical systems are designed to control the body through activating or deactivating chemical signals. For example, if we continuously ingest highly processed sugary foods the pancreatic/insulin system needs to cope with it or our body will break down.

Mental: Most people can relate to mental stress. Our body is designed to cope with stress in small amounts in a finite period of time.  When stress is constant, this places a burden on our biochemical system to cope with stress hormones. A lot of people today don’t have a break from their stresses… and after a while the body changes it’s biochemistry to reflect the stressful state. Eventually, the body grows tired of this compensation and begins to break down.

In my professional journey, I have found a chiropractic technique called Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT). This technique speaks to me because it addresses more than just the physical stressors like many chiropractic techniques. It is a holistic technique that also address the chemical and mental stressors in each patient that visits my office. All health professional want to find that root cause of the problem, and address it. SOT it allows me to do that!

The brain and spinal cord (CNS) is surrounded by a sheath called dura. This dura protects the central nervous system from bacteria and viruses. It attaches to our spine at the base of the skull and upper cervical spine and at our coccyx (tailbone). Inside the dura our body has cerebrospinal fluid (CSF); this fluid circulates around that CNS (similar to the blood in our bodies) to oxygenate and remove wastes from the cells. When we breathe or bite down (chewing, talking, swallowing) we promote that circulation. When we are under physical, chemical or mental stress this interconnected system falls out of alignment and we begin to experience symptoms.

As an SOT chiropractor, I identify where the system is out of alignment through muscle testing and physical examination. Since SOT technique approaches the body as a whole I am able to assess why a problem is occurring and identify the potential stress (ex. physical, chemical, metal)? For example, your mid back pain could be from your sitting posture or stress. BUT that area of the nervous system where you have pain may also be related to your stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. Or, you could have low back that relates to a ligament strain in you pelvis. BUT the nerves from that area also go to your prostate or uterus. Through SOT, we are able to understand that relationship and we can address both the physical strain and the organ system. We can also understand the stresses that caused the problem and set up a treatment plan using gentle SOT techniques that work to balance the nervous system. Through seeing all sides of the equation we can treat on a broader scope, address the root cause, create long lasting recovery and health balance. SOT is able to restore the nervous system to function without restriction so that we can obtain optimal health.