by Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND on January 10, 2013

The New Year is FAST approaching and it is time to set our intentions for the coming year. Yes, it is a little early. But making important changes in our lives take time. Here is my simple recipe for resolution:

1 Part Vision

1 Part Passion

1 Part Willpower

It’s simple and easy to follow…. right? All you need is the clarity of mind to know what you want, the desire or passion to seek it out and the willpower to follow-through. Easier said than done! At Innate Wellness we have designed some special New Years Packages to help you set your goals for the New Year and actually achieve them. Inquire about our  ‘New Year’s Kick-start Program’ or our ‘Winter Detox Program’. A little support and guidance from our life coach and nutritionist can take your goals that much further!

With resolutions, we often get hung up on the follow-through. In January, the gyms are packed! But by February, things have slowed down as people return to sedentary habits. As we let our resolutions slide we think “Where is my will power? Why can’t I follow-through?”  This is where people get stuck.

There is more to achieving your goals than will power and follow-through. It also involves having a clear vision of what you want and the passion to step-up. You must know clearly what your SELF wants! But first, you must know the SELF…. And that is the tricky part. Sound crazy?

Try this: Sit down and write out a list or a paragraph that defines YOU. Now read it back to your SELF. Post it on the wall. Look at it for a few days.  Ask your SELF – does this represent me? Try taking it a little deeper. How would you define yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level? What does this look and feel like? What does this sense of SELF feel like? Do you like what you see and feel?

When we have clarity around our SELF we gain a stronger sense of purpose and meaning. It then becomes easier to know what we want; we have a clear vision that comes from deep within… and our confusion falls away. We can differentiate between our own deeper goals vs. the goals that have been imprinted on us by our families, friends and society. These goals come from a deeper place – they give us vision, passion and momentum to follow through on our dreams.

Of course, it is a worthy goal to hit the gym for our own health and well-being. We know it is part of the path to health. But we need to develop our own personal vision and passion around this goal before we can tap the will to follow-through. What does the SELF want out of exercise? What associations, positive or negative, does the self have with staying fit? Is the deeper motivation for physical appearance, mental clarity, or the emotional boost that we naturally get from exercise? All these are potential outcomes of fitness. Get to know what your SELF wants out of it. Maybe your SELF wants a vigorous type of fitness like spin class or maybe it wants a slow and meditative type like Yoga. Maybe your SELF wants to ‘go vegetarian’ or maybe it needs a little meat to keep the energy flowing. Checking in with yourself to really feel what YOU want on a deeper level will help you find ease on the path to your resolution.

If this is a challenge for you then consider joining our holistic nutritionist, Andrea and Life Coach, Gary who have teamed up to help you set nutrition and life goals for the coming year.

So this year, try a new resolution. Get to know your SELF a little bit deeper. You may be surprised how good it feels to follow your resolve!