By Marco Rosada, Biofield Therapist

Human biofield: where fear energy sits.

Biofields are any electromagnetic energy field (1) pertaining to any living being. The human biofield (2), also called the human energy body, is the energetic blueprint or matrix that creates the human form. Every human being and every living creature on this planet has such a blueprint. The human biofield is made of morphogenetic (3), etheric fields (4), and other special fields, each of which has different functions and roles. For instance, our physical, mental, and emotional health states are reflected in a section of our biofield called Aura or Auric body, which can be measured, read, and interpreted for therapeutic purposes.

This field consists of multiple bands of energy called auric layers or auric fields that encompass the subtle body, connecting us to the outside world energetically.

Human biofield is also responsible for the dynamic communication between systems, organs, and cells in our physical body that are connected by a flow of energy that contains information about their health, function, feelings, and our perception of the surrounding environment.

In our biofield, the energy of long-lasting fear behaves similarly to that of some of the most health-threatening feelings like hate, resentment, lack of self-esteem, or sense of guilt. Fear causes a generalized drop in the biofield frequency rate that, depending on its severity can cause physical discomforts and mental imbalance.

Fear is viral. 

Fear can be a life-saving trigger to flee from a dangerous situation as it is the impulse that informs the body to run, jump, hide, or attack, if necessary. This impulse happens involuntarily when we face an immediate or impending threat to our physical survival.

Those impulses are the evolutionary inheritance of our prehistoric ancestors, and they let us know when to move into action, not a moment before or later. (5)

As fear is a present moment focused energy that, if experienced for a prolonged time, can pose a serious threat to our physical, emotional, and mental health and prevent us from living our lives resourcefully and meaningfully life.

When fear is expressed in behaviors or statements, it expands beyond the carrier’s biofield and may establish in that of those we share our space with, not just those we are communicating with directly.

Fear energy, depending on its negative charge, can also change or widen frequency range and hit that of other emotional disorders like obsessiveness, depression, or aggressiveness causing the host to behave accordingly.

Hence, identifying, acknowledging, and removing fear from our body is not just a strong statement of self-love but also a noble act of respect for those with whom we share our space and life.

Acknowledging, labeling, and disconnecting fear.

As a Biofield Therapist, I always advise my clients to consider a difficult time as an opportunity to evolve as a human and spiritual being. Hence, the client’s involvement in the healing process is pivotal.

I have found particularly effective a simple meditation that starts a strong and positive neurological response (6) by dissociating the meditator from his/her negative feelings.

The scope of this meditation is to acknowledge and label our fear. It creates an emotional distance between what is happening and ourselves to reduce our reactivity.

We start by choosing a point of focus such as the awareness of the breath. We hold the focus for as long as we can. When we realize that our mind has wandered away from our breath, gently notice your mental activity without evaluating or analyzing your thoughts and label this process as “thoughts.”

Now, we start looking for our emotions, and when we recognize our fear, we should label it accordingly. At this point, we start talking to ourselves in the third person with a friendly and gentle tone that adds compassion to our inner chatter. We can choose to say something like “Jennifer is experiencing fear today” without judging Jennifer or the emotion.

We should avoid saying “Jennifer is scared today” to discard any form of identification with the emotion.

Repeat this phrase as many times as you need in a very gently and non-judgmental fashion until you feel disconnected from fear.

This meditation allows us to re-wire our brain by doing something we would not normally do when we experience fear or stress, or anxiety. Instead of automatically engaging with our fear, now, we can choose a more balanced and brighter response, so instead of digging a deeper hole, we can climb out of the episode.

Biofield Therapy and fear.

Biofield Therapy (7) is a Complementary and Integrative Medicine energetic technique that supports the body in fighting fear and other mental and emotional imbalances and conditions. It raises the biofield frequency rate creating an adverse environment to any negative energies and support the client in the process of releasing fear, stress, and anxiety.

On a personal note, a few years ago, a world-renown British medium told me that “fear” is not a noun but the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s good to keep it in mind.


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