By Etsuko Ikeda

I strongly believe that it is important to keep our vibration level high in order to live a balanced and healthy life both physically and mentally. Modern science shows us that the entire universe consists of energy. All things in the universe are constantly in motion. Even objects that appear to be stationary are vibrating at various frequencies. You are a living, vibrating energy field. Not only are we surrounded by vibrations but we are vibration ourselves. When a person is suffering from chronic stress, illness or dealing with unfortunate events, it could be an indication that they are out of balance both within themselves and with the universal energy surrounding them. It can be said that they are in a disharmonious relationship with their body’s optimal health and that of the universe.

Try these six simple tips to increase your vibration and whole health.

  1. Gratitude. End of day, name 1-3 things you are grateful for in your day with big smile. Maybe start a gratitude journal.
  2. Choose positive thoughts.
  3. Exercise and Nutrition. Find ways of moving joyfully in your body and choose high vibrational foods such as rice, Sake, vegetables, fruits, natural salt and water.
  4. Surround yourself with beauty (nutrition for the spirit). Take yourself on your favourite walk/hike in nature, travel (it does not have to be far; beauty may be closer than you think), watch a movie with an uplifting message, read a novel, spend time with pets, call a close friend.
  5. Eliminate low vibrational activities and events. Stay away from those who complain much of the time and give yourself a break from constant intake of social media. Organize messy rooms. Refrain from junk food and additives as much as possible and know when to slow down.
  6. Do things that make your body and spirit happy. Dance, yoga, meditation, massage, Reiki, acupuncture. Be open to trying something new.

Concentrating on any of the above areas of healthy living can help eliminate some of the major factors that lower your vibration.

Reiki healing works by matching the resonance of inner energy with that of universal energy bringing us back to our innate natural state of being. This intelligent and powerful hands-on natural healing modality will elevate your frequency thus returning you to your true self. The higher your frequency, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, love for yourself and people around you as well as peace and joy. It can be noted that Reiki helps with a range of emotional, physical and mental issues, from headaches and anxiety to eczema and insomnia.

My speciality is JIKIDEN REIKI.
Jikiden Reiki is an authentic Japanese Reiki that hasn’t been influenced by other healing modalities nor other cultures; nothing has been added or amended. It is pure, simple, grounded and extremely effective. I invite you to put Reiki on your list of ‘trying something new’.

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