BioResonance therapy is an accurate and painless way to identify and address seasonal allergens, environmental allergens, food sensitivities, environmental toxin accumulation, and other stress burdens on the body.

MORA BioResonance Allergy Test & Treatment is helpful with:

  • Seasonal & environmental allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Pet/Animal allergies
  • Skin sensitivities (eczema, dermatitis)
  • Digestive concerns related to food sensitivities (constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating)

How Do Allergies Develop?

When the body is under stress, inflammation can develop, and elimination through organs such as the liver, bowel, and kidneys can become difficult or impaired. This can lead to a cascade of events including high histamine, leaky gut, and an imbalanced immune system which can lead to both food and environmental allergies.

The MORA Bioressonance Process

Using MORA BioResonance Therapy, we identify the triggers and stress burdens that lead to inflammation and allergies. Once food sensitivities have been identified, they will be temporarily removed from the diet, and a diet appropriate for balancing the immune system and healing the gut will be introduced.  

BioResonance treatments desensitize harmless substances (like food) and detoxify harmful substances (like environmental toxins), and with this, the body is naturally able to heal and allergies typically will lessen or resolve. BioResonance therapy desensitization may be recommended weekly or bi-weekly over a period of time to help the body and immune system tolerate or resolve some allergies.  

After a period of approximately 12 weeks stressors and allergens can be retested to see if they are now eliminated and can be tolerated by the body.

Step 1. MORA Allergy Assessment 


  1. Identification of specific food and environmental allergens. 
  2. Identification of external and internal factors that are contributing to allergies. Toxins (like air pollution) and infection (like candida) increase the stress burden on the body and lead to inflammation and allergies.
  3. Allergy treatment + allergy drops.

Step 2. Allergy Desensitization 

Allergy desensitization can help the body & immune system overcome or begin to tolerate some foods or environmental allergens. The number and frequency of treatments will be determined after the MORA allergy assessment. 

6-12 Allergy desensitizing treatments are generally recommended, as well as detoxification for some individuals. 

Step 3. MORA Allergy Reassessment 

After a period of approximately 12 weeks, stressors and allergens can be retested to see if stressors, such as environmental toxins, have been eliminated from the body and whether allergens can now be tolerated.

Bioresonance Therapy: Treatment & Allergy Testing Benefits

Bioresonance treatment and allergy testing offer more than just identifying allergies; they provide insights into how your body interacts with the environment. By detecting allergens and sensitivities early, we can implement targeted treatment strategies to prevent symptoms from worsening and improve your quality of life. Bioresonance empowers you to manage your health effectively and conveniently. Ready to improve your health? Reach out to Innate Wellness to find out more about our Bioresonance Therapy Services.