Now is the perfect time to REFRESH your eating habits to support your health and wellbeing! Ask about our Fall Refresh & Detox Kit for DIY Home Detox by Dr. Keara Taylor

The Refresh & Detox Kit by Dr. Keara Taylor, ND includes:

  • 14 day seasonally inspired meal plan with nourishing recipes that are anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancing
  • Recipes created to support your body’s natural detoxification processes and immune system
  • Learn how to prep and cook simple yet satisfying meals that will set you up to feel deeply nourished
  • A detailed dietary and lifestyle practices guide to support your detox and create lasting habits
  • Guidelines on how to re-introduce foods eliminated during the refresh to determine which foods help you thrive
  • Option to add a Naturopathic consult to personalize the program to address your specific health concerns


$49 for the 14 day meal plan specifically curated to be anti-inflammatory, blood sugar balancing & supportive of your body’s immune and detoxification systems and the detox lifestyle guide.


$190 for the above plus a 75 minute Naturopathic Consult with Dr. Keara Taylor, ND to personalize the detox to your health concerns.

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