By: Dr. Keara Taylor, ND

As we near the peak of summer here in Toronto, we are experiencing the heat and humidity that comes along with the longer, sunnier days. While it is important to get outside and soak up that vitamin D, we also want to stay cool and comfortable.  Here are some tips to help you cool down this summer:

  1. Make sure you are hydrated. This is probably an obvious one, but as we are sweating more in the heat and humidity, it is important to increase our water intake.  To ensure adequate electrolyte levels, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to your water as well as a pinch of sea salt.  How much?  8 glasses a day is a standard suggestion, but if you find yourself thirsty throughout the day, you need to drink more!  Increase the amount you drink if you are physically active, or if you spend more time outdoors.
  2. Utilize cooling herbs. Mint is a herb with cooling properties that can be easily incorporated into your diet and daily routine to reap these benefits!  Add mint leaves to your water, or steep a peppermint tea and add ice to make a refreshing iced tea.
  3. Eat more raw foods. In the summer, it is natural to crave more salads and raw fruits and vegetables compared with the warming soups and roasted root vegetables that we often gravitate toward in the fall and winter months.  Enjoy a raw greens salad with your lunch or dinner topped with cucumber and carrot slices.  Consider a snack of raw veggie sticks with some hummus or nut butter.  This is also the time of year to enjoy a cooling smoothie for breakfast or a snack!
  4. Take a contrast shower. Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot and cold water, and in addition to improving circulation and boosting the immune system, it can help to cool down the body.  It involves alternating between hot and cold water while in the shower.  Aim for 60 seconds of hot water, followed by 10 seconds of cold water, cycling through 3-5 times and always end on cold!

I hope these tips help you to stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer!


As Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Keara Taylor is passionate about helping her patients live their best life, which she believes can only be achieved when they feel their best.  Her mission is to make healthy living uncomplicated and accessible, helping her patients be the most vibrant version of themselves.

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