By Evelyn Cho, Registered Acupuncturist

Facial acupuncture has been gained popularity over the past few years as a natural way to slow the aging process. Although much of the treatment is targeted to the face and jaw, it is truly a revitalization process designed to help the whole body look and feel younger. Specific points are chosen to address underlying imbalances and/or root causes that accelerate the aging process. Ultimately, the whole body is restored to a state of harmony to bring out the innate radiance of an individual.

The Synergy Acu-facial combines technology and technique to bring you the best and fastest results. LED phototherapy and microcurrent are added to the traditional needling and cupping to enhance the treatment effects. While acupuncture alone can deliver impressive results within a few treatments, the additional tools accelerate cellular regeneration, decrease inflammation, and kill acne bacteria. Improvements are seen immediately, and will get better with each follow up.

Benefits include:

  • Fine lines may be entirely eliminated and deeper wrinkles diminished
  • Bags and dark circles under the eyes can be reduced, puffiness eliminated, droopy eyelids lifted
  • Jaws and cheeks firmed, double chin minimized
  • Forehead and eyebrow furrows reduced and smoothed out
  • Firmer skin, improved muscle tone and texture
  • Decrease inflammation, kill acne bacteria, accelerate tissue repair
  • Even skin tone, reduce hyper-pigmentation, reverse sun damage
  • General feeling of wellness and calm

Although improvements will be seen after the first session, it is highly recommended to complete a series of 10-12 treatments to achieve the best results. Maintenance treatments are suggested once a month after the series to maintain anti-aging effects.

The Synergy Acu-facial is contraindicated for those with untreated high blood pressure, on blood thinners, cancer, and epilepsy. The procedure should not be administered during pregnancy, active illness (cold/flu), acute herpes outbreak, active migraine, or within 3 weeks of having Botox/fillers.

Evelyn (and Laura) offer complimentary 15 minute consultations at High Park or the Annex if you have any questions or concerns.