This versatile and common herb (North America and Europe) has astringent, diuretic and tonic properties. Nettle was favoured by European herbalists in medieval times as it was excellent for treating joint and skin conditions such as arthritis, gout and eczema.

Before beginning any herbal remedies, check with your naturopathic physician or herbal pharmacy professional for any contraindications with other medications that you are using.

Some benefits of Stinging Nettle (Uritca dioica)

  • Diuretic – Nettle Leaf used as a daily infused tea is a gentle but effective diuretic
  • Nettle Root has been found to increase a protein in the blood to which hormones bind thus reducing levels of ‘unbound’ hormones
  • Nettle Root tincture benefits those with weakened bladders from chronic Cystitis – bladder infections
  • Improves Kidney function and clears toxins from the blood
  • Can ease dry and itching skin
  • Cardiovascular health – has be known to assist in lowering blood pressure
  • Eases the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids

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