Innate Wisdom Q&A: Travel Tales and Inside Tips with Dr. Angelina Riopel

Get to know us better! Each month we interview one member of our wonderful team of practitioners to glean wisdom from their personal experiences. This month we will be talking with Dr. Angelina Riopel, co-founder and naturopathic doctor at Innate Wellness about a topic near and dear to her heart, travel! Dr. Riopel has travelled extensively through Central America, Central & Eastern Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia.  What is your favourite naturopathic travel tip? Having just returned from a beach vacation, I will have to say sun protection. The concern being, how to enjoy the sun, get our vitamin D but avoid skin damage and the nasty toxins in sunscreen? In order to minimize the need for sunscreens avoid the direct sun for long periods of time. Wear a hat and try to stay under an umbrella while at the beach. Thankfully there are now many effective, natural and toxin-free sunscreens available. Drink Your Sunscreen! A diet high in plant nutrients and anti-oxidants have been found to protect the skin from burning and sun damage. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) one of the main active compounds in green tea has been found to not only protect skin from sun damage, but it has been found to heal sun damaged DNA, having an anti-cancer effect. Drink vegetable juice (fresh is preferable) Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables Drink green tea Take green tea extract EGCG leading up and during your trip […]