I attended a course with a master herbalist who began the class by asking, “From which direction was the wind blowing today?” No one could answer.  He continued to ask a number of questions all relating to the subtleties of nature.  As a class we were only able to answer one question. We knew it was a new moon. As individuals we had not been present in our day to notice to subtleties. These details are important for people who are in touch with and rely upon the land, seasons, rainfall and tides.  Unfortunately those of us who rely upon alarm clocks, the subway and Starbucks, often do not pay attention.


Presence cultivates appreciation.  The more present you become, the more you realize that there is no monotony even though your life may be routine.  When you are present you begin to notice the day-to-day little things that make life beautiful.

I challenge you to take one day and make an effort to be present, be conscious.  Don’t allow your mind to wander as you walk down the street.  Notice everything around you! Notice every color, every smell, and every sound.  Look at peoples faces as you pass them on the street and you will see how many blank expressions there are – for they are not present. Bring your consciousness to where you are at this moment.  When you eat, eat and when you sleep, sleep.

As you do this you will notice that presence and appreciation will bring peace and time will begin to slow down.

Begin with one day, and then try it again the next….