Q & A with Evelyn Cho, RMT, R.Ac
Meet Evelyn! She is a new acupuncturist at Innate Wellness. She brings a great balance to our acupuncture practice with a background as a Registered Massage Therapist & Registered Acupuncturist. She blends the two therapies but only offers acupuncture sessions at Innate Wellness. Her knowledge gives her a great edge in the treatment of chronic fatigue, chronic pain and chronic stress. We sat down to ask her a few tips about managing these conditions with acupuncture. Evelyn practices on Wednesdays at our High Park location. Call the front desk to book an appointment!
What is your focus in your acupuncture practice?
My main focus is chronic pain and fatigue.  I have worked as a Massage therapist for 10 years, so I have a lot of experience treating acute injuries, repetitive strains, and trauma from sports or accidents.  Recently, I’ve turned my attention to chronic pain or fibromyalgia, which doesn’t always have an obvious cause or progression.  The combination of massage therapy and acupuncture work very well together to alleviate pain and improve energy levels.  In addition, I’ve worked with a lot of fertility cases, headaches/migraines, and facial rejuvenation.
Can acupuncture be used to improve energy & motivation? 
It sure can! Many find the cold months very challenging, moods are depressed and energy is lower.  It’s usually helpful to make a few lifestyle and dietary tweaks in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. I usually recommend a course of 10 weekly treatments to make a major shift, but people usually notice significant improvement by 5-6 treatments.

Can acupuncture help with stress management?
Yes! Most patients feel calm and rested after an acupuncture treatment, even if their main concern wasn’t stress. Not only can acupuncture induce a sense of relaxation, after a few sessions, it can help to regulate your emotions so it doesn’t feel like a roller coaster. 
What are the three main pieces of advice you give your patients about managing stress levels?
  • Taking deep breaths are the fastest way to induce relaxation to the body. 
  • It’s also important to make time to exercise. It doesn’t have to be rigorous, even a brisk walk to remove yourself from a stressful situation is very helpful. 
  • Lastly, do something you enjoy, whether it’s dancing, reading a book, or hanging out with loved ones. TCM is all about balance. Inject some joy into your daily routine so you don’t forget what you’re working so hard for.  
What are your top 3 tips for improving energy this New Year? 
  • Sleep more! The long nights cue our bodies to go into rest mode much earlier than the summer. 
  • Reduce the consumption of cold and raw foods, our bodies are already using a lot of resources to stay warm, adding cold to our core can wreak havoc on digestion.
  • If you find it too tiring to stick with a rigorous work out, consider adding a slower practice like yoga into your routine. It can be very energizing.