For those of you who don’t know, Lindsey Danisch is the newest edition to the Innate Wellness Team. We are very excited to have her! Counselling services are an essential part of holistic health care. As a Registered Social Worker and provider of Psychotherapy, Lindsey offers counselling services for individuals, families and children. She has a tonne of experience and couldn’t be more approachable but we think you should get to know her yourself! Read more about Lindsey in our monthly Innate Q&A…

Lindsey Danisch, MSW & Provider of Psychotherapy

Q1: This is the first time Innate Wellness has had a Social Worker and Provider of Psychotherapy on their team. We are very excited! How do you see your services fitting into this integrative and holistic team?

I’m so excited to be a part of the Innate team! With the pace of today’s society and the increase of expectations/demands on everyone, paying attention to one’s mental health becomes progressively important. I recognize that while it can take a village to raise a child, it can take a team to tackle the physical and emotional complexities of our clients. Psychotherapy is a great compliment to the services already being provided at Innate Wellness. I am able to dig a little deeper with clients to address and support any underlying concerns that may be creating a barrier to improving our overall health and wellness.


Q2: We work a lot with families and kids in the clinic. Counselling of families and children is also a special area of interest for you. How did you come to be interested in this area?

I’ve worked with children, teens, and parents for over 14 years! I love working within family units. After nine amazing years of being a Special Education high school teacher, both in the States and abroad, I made the leap to mental health. I recognized my deeper interest in the social/emotional wellbeing of my students, and knew I needed to make a career shift. My Masters of Social Work allows me to work in both the hospital and private settings. I bring my teacher “hat” into my sessions, and coach parents in communicating and supporting their little loves.

Q3: This is the ‘De-Stress Issue’ and of course, it is also back-to-school-time, a period of high stress for families. What are your top 3 tips for families to manage stress during this time?

  1. Talk with your child about stressors on his or her mind. Children surprise us all the time, as they are often worried about social aspects in which we are unaware. They may be nervous about their new teacher, making new friends, expectations of homework, seeing old friends, finding the right outfit, transitioning to Middle School or High School, and puberty! By asking about these stressors ahead of time, you can help manage their feelings and problem-solve future issues. Ask them what’s on their mind.
  2. Planned relaxation is an excellent way to decrease daily stressors and anxiety. Relaxation can be exercise, a bath, listening to music, drawing, yoga, watching a movie, etc. Planned downtime for kids and parents can help create a break for their (and your) brain!
  3. Transition planning is a great way to kick off the school year! Try to get back into school time routines about 3 weeks before school actually starts. This means, bringing back earlier bedtimes, waking up and eating breakfast as if it’s a school day. Allowing your child(s) body to readjust to their school sleeping and eating patterns. It makes a huge difference in the start of their school year routines.

Q4: We also understand that you are also a Relationship Expert and do some counselling in the dating world. September is the unofficial New Year and many people are thinking of getting back into the world of dating. As a relationship expert, how do you help people start dating or get back into dating after a long hiatus?

Yes! I’ve been working with a Chicago-based company, called Smart Dating Academy for 5 years now as a writer and communication coach. The fall is a great time to create new dating goals. Like all the other areas of our lives (career, health, and finances)… dating works better with concrete steps and goals. I help clients create a plan and offer support through the rollercoaster of modern dating! Keep your eyes open for our upcoming dating workshop…planning in already underway.

Q5: Relationships can be a BIG source of stress whether they are personal or work relationships. What is your advice to help people deal with this unavoidable cause of stress?

Be a feelings “investigator”! Try to attach your mood to a moment. Perhaps your partner didn’t do the dishes last night as promised, or a colleague took credit for some work you completed together. Identify how you’re feeling right now (sad, anxious, frustrated, disappointed) and follow the bread crumbs back to that incident. Then you can address the issue and shift the mood. Often times our frustrations and stressors go unidentified, and fester in our mind and bodies. This can lead to passive-aggressive behaviors, feeling low, or an increase of stress and anxiety. By addressing the issue you can change your mood (and better manage your stress!).