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Getting to Know the Season of Late Summer and the Earth Element

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the goal of this late Summer season is about returning to our central core to nourish, generate, and continue to ripen our life force (or Qi), as the body at this time is most attuned with the Earth element.

The Earth element is related to the organ and meridian system of the Spleen and its partnered organ, the Stomach.

On a mental or emotional level, Earth is in charge of ‘digesting’ our thinking and thoughts, and thus governs learning and analysis. This element and energy system is also in charge our tissues, muscles and the sense organ, the mouth.

How to Nourish the Earth Element Within   

As we transition from late Summer into early Autumn, it is wise to pay attention to which foods will assist us to remain strong and healthy at this time.

The element of Earth is associated with the taste of full sweet. Our bodies need nourishment that includes

  • Whole protein and complex carbohydrates such as beans, whole grains, root vegetables (yams, potatoes etc) and some meat protein.

These categories of foods are considered nutritionally dense and will tonify all bodily tissues.

In Chinese Medicine, the spleen and stomach are associated with Late Summer. The stomach’s function is to prepare food for transportation through the digestive system by breaking it down. The spleen prepares foods and liquids for absorption in the body, raises our (Qi) energy up, controls blood circulation and nourishes the muscles.

The Spleen functions at its best when ‘inner dampness’ is avoided by ingesting certain foods in moderation such as: alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cold melons and greasy foods.

Late Summer is the season to indulge in taking care of yourself with nurturing activities – reading, drawing/painting, enjoying walks in the cooler evenings and doing yoga instead of a grueling jogging schedule.

Acupressure for boosting Stomach and Spleen energies

To tonify Qi at a pressure point, apply stationary pressure with your thumb or fingertip perpendicular to the point and hold for about 2 minutes.

Stomach 36 – Locate this acupoint 4 finger widths below the kneecap, outside the tibia.

Benefits: Stimulates the digestive system and relieves frontal headaches.




Spleen 6 (CAUTION – never use Spleen 6 during pregnancy) Locate this acupoint 4 finger widths above the inside anklebone, just behind the tibia. 

Benefits: Stimulates production of Qi and Blood, to nourish the Mind and Heart.