With Dr. Jonathan Cartile, DCM

Q1: What are the benefits of chiropractic treatments for infants and children? 

Dr.Cartile: The nervous system is the first system to form in the fetus. It is the system that controls all the other systems in the body. As a chiropractor I look for areas where the nervous system is comprised and correct it. This will let the baby grow and develop without any interference.

Q2: How soon can a parent bring their baby in for a treatment? 

Dr.Cartile: My youngest adjustment was to my son. An hour after he was born. My suggestion is the sooner the better. Having their spine and nervous system checked over allows us to find any interference quicker and eliminate it if it’s there.

Q3: What do you look at in an infant assessment? 

Dr.Cartile : The birth process can be very physical, and we want to make sure there is no birth trauma to the baby. We check hips and shoulder joints for good movement. We also check for cranial shape as this can lead to problems later. There are nerves from here that go to the stomach and bowel and sometimes are the cause of colic. We check the spine of the baby and especially the neck as it is often pushed and pulled on during the birth. Then We do a check of their neurology. We have reflexes that we test to see if there is any other neurological conditions.

Q4: What kind of technique do you use in young children? 

Dr.Cartile: There is a wide range of treatments that are available to me. Very rarely do we need to use a traditional manual chiropractic adjustment. Babies are often very loose and supple so their joints move a lot easier then ours who have had decades of postural stress. The adjustments are very gentle babies generally sleep through the procedures.

Q5: Is their any contraindications to chiro treatment at any age?

Dr.Cartile: There are no contraindications to have your little one checked over by me. If I find anything in our exam that is not a chiropractic problem then I will discuss it and refer you to the health professional best suited for that issue. It is all about giving your little one the best start in life so they can grow up happy and healthy.