Conscious Awareness Facilitation is a unique type of coaching developed by naturopathic doctor, Alexia Georgousis. It is intended to help you become more self-aligned and self-directed. In these one-on-one sessions, Alexia will provide you with various awareness practices specific to your needs.  You can feel more present, more calm and more engaged in your life by learning and practicing conscious awareness techniques.

Feeling more joy and ease begins with awareness of ourselves. Once we become aware, we are better able to respond instead of react. We are no longer hostage to our emotions and we are then able to make choices that support the life we want to create.

Who can this help?

Anyone who wants to feel less stressed, more balanced, more empowered and more resilient. Conscious Awareness Facilitation is complimentary to all services at Innate including your regular Naturopathic Care, Psychotherapy or Intuitive Services.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on your goals. However, these coaching sessions are designed to teach you skills that you can practice between sessions. We recommend practicing for 2-4 weeks between coaching sessions. Sessions may be covered under extended work benefits if you have coverage for Naturopathic Medicine.


About Dr. Alexia’s Additional Training

  • Applied Mindfulness Specialist: University of Toronto
  • Transformative Mindfulness Levels I and II
  • Core Shamanism: Foundations and Pattern Shifting
  • Certified Professional Coach: Fowler Institute
  • Nine Gates Mystery School Graduate

Read more about Dr. Alexia in her bio.