Yes, summer is a great time to detox!

The arrival of summer brings warmer temperatures, sunshine, and longer days, which lends itself to us wanting to get the most out of the season.  While detoxes are usually thought of as a springtime endeavour, summer can be a fantastic time to reset your health and build some positive habits to support your wellness.

The summer season is the time our bodies feel most resilient.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the most yang of all seasons – a positive force characterized by light, warmth, dryness, activity, etc.  Because of this, it’s easier to make changes in our life during the summer, where we may experience more resistance at other times of the year.  Likewise, it’s easier to choose the food that is going to leave you feeling light and energized instead of heavy and weighed down.

A summer detox will help you to shed some of the heaviness of the past seasons, so you can feel more energized and get the most out of the summer months.  While social calendars can be quite full at this time of year (BBQs! Weddings! Showers!), it is a great opportunity to learn how to make decisions that will support your health and wellness while still nurturing your social connections and supporting the outward, yang energy of the season!

We are excited to be running a Naturopath-led summer detox program in July that is a whole foods and nutrition based reset that will support your body’s innate detoxification pathways.  You will be supported and guided to make meal planning and wellness focused decision-making simple so that you can feel light and energized to do the things in your life that bring you the most joy!

Following are the details of the Summer Detox Program with Dr. Keara Taylor, ND:

  • 14 day meal plan of whole food, delicious and nourishing recipes to help support your body’s natural detoxification processes
  • Learn how to prep and cook simple yet satisfying recipes that will set you up to feel light and energetic this summer
  • 60 minute in-person Summer Detox Workshop to dive deeper into how a detox can help you to reset and move forward toward your health goals
  • A detailed guide outlining specific dietary and lifestyle practices to support your detox and to help instill daily habits for vibrant health beyond the detox
  • Online support throughout the detox to ask questions and to stay motivated!


Workshop Date: Thursday, July 18th 6:30-7:30 pm


$89 for the 14 day meal plan & detox guide, 60 minute in-person Summer Detox Workshop, and online support throughout the detox

$289 for the above plus a 75 minute Naturopathic Consult with Dr. Keara Taylor, ND to personalize the detox to your health concerns.

*Inquire about insurance coverage for the Detox program.