By Kerri Lambie, RHN

There are so many great reasons to visit a Holistic Nutritionist but I find the most common reason is to help with meal planning. Planning a meal can be tough with limitations that include work priorities, family responsibilities, time constraints or simply being unsure of what to eat. I understand this all! And my journey to holistic nutrition started because of it……

My personal journey began with the birth of my first son, I had no idea HOW to start to introduce foods or WHAT to feed him or even WHEN to feed him – so I began to stress. As I continued to stress and focus on my baby I began to forget about myself. I was eating on the go (if at all), living off coffee and generally not taking care of myself. Eventually I started to notice my health changing. I felt depleted, malnourished and exhausted. Reaching my limit when my son was 8 months, I decided to figure it out and went back to school to become a holistic nutritionist. Holistic nutrition resonated with me because it is entirely individualized. All facets of the person are taken into account. Amazing! So I could learn how to eat, how to become healthy and how to feed my son. Lifestyle recommendations were made for my stress and I learned how to slow down and enjoy this amazing time in my life. I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and immediately began to spread the word, food is healing.

I believe in what I do. It is totally person specific and my one true goal is to empower,  and share the tools to attain health and make it sustainable for everyone. I know it can be done because I have been there and done it.

Meal planning is an amazing way to begin the journey towards health. For the month of May I am excited to offer a package for you or the Mom in your life.

Mother’s Day Meal Planning Package – $225 (Value $275)

  • 60 minute initial consultation with Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • 7 day meal plan