We are very excited to announce a NEW service at Innate Wellness – Holistic Facials – with Seanna Cohen of Elodie Beauty. This is a perfect pairing with our Naturopathic Holistic Skin Consultations and Cosmetic Acupuncture. In fact, it is such a perfect pairing that we are offering a special Holiday Holistic Skin Care Package.

About Our Holistic Facial Expert, Seanna Cohen: 


Seanna Cohen NEW at Innate Wellness

When Seanna pictured her ideal place to work, she envisioned a space where health and wellness was at the foreground. She wanted to be in place that was welcoming and approachable, where a community of like-minded individuals work together to inspire healthy and vibrant humans. That’s what she found at Innate Wellness and she is so happy to be promoting a ‘new face of skincare’ in a holistic space, where beauty begins from within.

 Seanna’s philosophy on skincare is simple: use plant-based ingredients, choose solutions that are easy to maintain, and treat the skin holistically.

She has designed her facials to reflect this personal skincare philosophy. Each facial begins with a skincare consultation where she gets to know you, your lifestyle, your routines, and the products you use; this helps her customize the treatment and a beauty prescription based on your unique needs.

All facials use pure, plant-based products, which are incredibly nourishing and healing for all skin types and conditions. Seanna relies on the use of her hands, rather than machines, to make a difference in the quality of the skin. That’s why massage is an essential part of the of her facials and she uses a variety of acupressure, Swedish and lymphatic drainage techniques as incredibly effective, non-invasive tools to address any number of skin concerns; tighten and tone facial muscles, plump and increase blood flow, and bring a ‘glow’ to any complexion.

The products she uses and recommends are based on years of testing and reviewing countless green beauty products on the market. Through her green beauty website, Seanna has created close relationships with the formulators and distributors of many of these products and the information garnered has been invaluable to choosing the best and most effective products available. She’s able to give honest and open advice to clients, help them navigate the (often) confusing world of green beauty, and direct them to products that fit both their skin and lifestyle needs.

 Seanna Cohen is a certified skin care therapist and the founder of holistic beauty & wellness website, Elodie Beauty